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Welcome to the Wonderworld

by babel
11th November 2001


Rush away our cabled lives, telling times of these telling times, impatient for the history of tomorrow.

The religious Epicureans tap their tools, and God replies with visions of the WONDERWORLD...

Reality has tired of us and our impotent imaginations: it sounds better in surround, it looks clearer in high definition.

An orgasm of inventions dazzle subjective eyes, a confusion of enlightened intentions disguise objective lies.
WELCOME TO THE WONDERWORLD, and wander without moving: wonder at the moving word, wander without meaning.

Why are you wondering?
What are you wondering about?
Are you wandering, too?
Are you wandering about?

You are wondering about
Wandering, too. Are you
Wandering about? What are you?
Why are you wondering?

Why are you wondering?
What are you, wandering about?
Are you wondering, too?
Are you wondering about

You are wandering about,
Wondering. Are you
Wondering about what you are?
Why are you wondering?


please be patient,
i seem to be
my mind,
my instrument
for instrumentally

) a (

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